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Fire & Safety Solutions ensures that your business and residence is up-to-date with local, state, and federal fire protection regulations.  We offer an array of fire protection services to safeguard your business, residence, and property in case the unthinkable happens.  We offer the following services:

-Fire Extinguishers:  Inspection, recharges, hydrotesting, and replacement.

-Exit Lights:  Inspection, testing, battery replacement, and new install or replacement.

-Tenant Improvements:  Sprinkler head relocation, change-outs, new head installations,

replacing loaded heads, demolition of old system and installing new, and anything you need

to keep you building up-to-code.  We are very knowledgeable and welcome any and all

questions you may have.

-Fire Sprinkler Systems:  Inspections and maintenance.  Install new fire system installations

from beginning to end.  We can also help assist in the engineering and design of your new

system.  We are very current with our codes and regulations and have good working

relationships with the Authority Having Jurisdictions.  If you have any questions about the

process, codes or regulations, or just want a bid we are the company for you.

-Fire Pumps:  Testing and maintenance.

-Pre-action System:  Testing, maintenance, and installation.


AZ OFFICE:  602.791.7533

CO OFFICE: 970.729.8113

EMAIL:  fireandsafetysolutions@gmail.com

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