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Kitchen Hood Installation & Design

Fire and Safety Solutions installs and designs hood fire suppression systems from Ansul, Kidde, Pyro-chem, Amerex, Piranha, Range Guard, and Buckeye.

Exhaust Fan Hinge Installation

Fire and Safety Solutions provides installation of hinge kits at a competitive price.  Each exhaust fan is required by NFPA 96 to be hinged which allows for proper inspection and cleaning of the fan.  Besides being a requirement, having a hinged fan prevents the electrical wiring from becoming exposed and damaged and can prolong the useful life of the fan.

Access Panel Installation

Like the requirement for a hinged fan, NFPA 96 also requires fan access panels on the exhaust fans.  This allows for proper inspection and cleaning as it allows the technician to access the fan blades from the back side to ensure a fully compliant NFPA 96 cleaning.  When a fan is not cleaned in its entirety it can cause the grease buildup on the backside to put the fan off balance which can wear out the belt and other aspects of the fan.  Fire and Safety Solutions provides design and installation of access panels to ensure your fan will be in compliance with code and easily accessible.


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