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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

We provide full commercial kitchen exhaust cleanings keeping your system current with industry standards and codes.  This service includes cleaning the system(s) from top to bottom which is comprised of the fan, duct work, and hood.  We also offer vent hood filter cleaning.  We provide before and after pictures of every job for your review.   The frequency in which you should clean your system depends on many factors such as cooking volume, type of cooking, and the type of systems used.  Please reference the following table to determine your needs or please give us a call to discuss.  We are very current with all of the codes and standards and are eager to assist.

Not only is it mandatory to have your kitchen exhaust systems cleaned regularly, but it’s for the safety of your business, your customers and employees, along with the structure and everything inside.  Grease from the kitchen travels through the filters and up through the duct work to the fan.  Because grease is a highly flammable substance it doesn’t take more than a small spark to ignite the entire exhaust system which could potentially result in the loss of your kitchen.  Per NFPA 96 and the Authority Having Jurisdiction, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the kitchen exhaust system is safe.

Our method of cleaning uses eco-friendly degreasers and high powered pressure washers.  Upon cleaning, we use a filter system for the grease and water to flow into buckets thus avoiding getting grease and water on your equipment and floor.  We take priority in ensuring the kitchen area is in the same state that we found it in before the cleaning.  We also offer additional cleaning services, such as equipment and floor cleaning as well as vent hood filter cleaning and concrete cleaning.


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